Under Armour

Under Armour campaign featuring USA basketball icon Steph Curry reaches a stunning 12 million Australians at a fraction of the price because of Ultimate Edge’s strategic media buying power and expertise

The Background:

Under Armour collaborated with Rebel Sport to launch the Curry 3 Men’s Basketball shoes in October 2016.

Under Armour Tasked Ultimate Edge With:

• Building brand awareness in Australia, creating a strong relationship with their target audience of 14-34 year old males interested in fitness and Basketball.

• Generate traffic in Rebel stores and on their website, with the aim to be Australia’s #1 Basketball retail destination.

The Challenge:

Under Armour, originally a US company, are a relatively new addition to the Australian sports market. Competing with the long-established brands is always a tough game, so Under Armour needed to deliver their first big basketball campaign in Australia with gusto.

Collaborating with Rebel Sport, Under Armour wanted big results from the campaign, which was focusing on the Curry 3 shoes, a signature design for basketball superstar Steph Curry.

Our Solution:

We strategised and developed media planning in line with the NBA playoffs, selecting key media platforms to best promote the brand and product to its target audience. With three main arms to push the campaign through – TV, Cinema, and Digital – we created promotional media to make Under Armour’s ‘Curry 3’ the go-to product for Basketball shoes and add Under Armour to the list of “household names”. Our successful achievements were the result of a well-thought-out strategy, skilled implementation and plenty of hard work.


Driving the campaign through digital platforms, with ads for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube. As planned, mobile dominated and resulted in a 0.6% click-through rate to tailored Curry 3 product landing pages – outperforming the industry standard 10 times over! We delivered a whopping 44.8 million impressions resulting in 65,000 unique clicks. We left with an $808,644 media value from online advertising alone.


Larger than life ads played before key blockbuster movies, Star Wars: Rogue One, Doctor Strange, and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them spanned 962 screens, with over 179,000 cinema-goers fitting our customer profile. We surpassed our estimated audience reach by 56% through successful negotiation with Val Morgan Cinema, resulting in a 63.82% discount on advertising space – a huge bonus for our campaign.


More than 3 million viewers were shown the campaign on MCN, 7 and PayTV. 887,500+ of the target audience were reached during key programs including Family Guy, WWE and 150 NBA games. Dealing directly with networks and working tirelessly resulted in a 70%+ discount with publishers, and a media value of over $900,000 from almost 2,000 commercial spots, generating over 4.7 million target audience views.

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