Under Armour

2.7 million impressions through strategically chosen media channels deliver an overall campaign click-through rate 400% better than the industry average.


Under Armour had recently launched a Connected Fitness community app, and developed products to create a full fitness experience. These products needed a strong push in brand awareness to shift consumers through the sales funnel toward consideration and conversion.

We delivered over 1 million impressions and a great CTA click rate of 0.23%.

Under Armour tasked Ultimate Edge with

We were tasked with Increasing brand awareness and positioning Under Armour as the most innovative performance brand in the world leading up to Christmas time.

The challenge

The campaign’s objective was to encourage athletes and fitness enthusiasts to use Under Armour products to help live a healthy lifestyle with the Connected Fitness community app. As a US company, Under Armour’s presence in Australia was reasonably limited at the time, so making the brand a go-to retailer for fitness performance would be a huge feat.


Our Solution

In response to the brief, we selected the media channels that we knew would best deliver on their objectives. Our strategy was to maximise reach through a mixture of advertising and commercials and turning this increased awareness into traffic to the site.

Our efforts for 9 network delivered fantastic results that exceeded even our high expectations. Establishing a strong partnership with 9Coach secured editorial added value, which reinforced the campaign’s presence across the network, and improved Under Armour’s Earned Media on Gear and Fitness.

From 2.7 million impressions to a CTR of over 0.4% for pre-roll and native ads, Nine Digital proved to be a great choice of media channel. 9Now alone delivered a 1% CTR and a ‘video fully played’ rate of 86%, a result higher than YouTube, which itself outperformed the industry average by 43%!

We utilised data from TV Sync, a leveraging platform providing a connection to consumers who have recently viewed a competitor’s ad. Via Facebook and YouTube, we retargeted consumers who had viewed a competitor’s ad for a similar sporting product, to reinforce and put the Under Armour product at top of mind and consideration. This inexpensive strategy delivered 1 million impressions and a great CTA of 0.23%.

Each media channel delivered a huge level of brand awareness and great click-through rates. Together, they helped Under Armour become a trusted and recognised brand in Australia, confirmed with a 0.3% CTR, a monumental 400% increase from the industry average.

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