Trailblazer Gemma Giam steps up as the dynamic, new Chief Results Officer at UEC!

We are pleased to announce that Gemma Giam, a long-standing pillar of Ultimate Edge Communications, has taken up the mantle as our new Chief Results Officer.

Gemma joined the UEC team in 2017 and has been a game-changer!

She started as an Art Director in 2017, then was quickly promoted to Head of Creative Activations in a matter of months. Always aiming for excellence in every role she undertook. Her dedication and commitment have been instrumental in shaping our success story.

In 2019, she pivoted her career and was promoted to Data Optimisation Specialist and Marketing Intelligence whizz and quickly made her mark. She streamlined our end-of-month processes for creative/media and boosted our media weekly reporting efficiency by a whopping 10x for clients like Virgin Active and Clear Skincare Clinics. Plus, she was the driving force behind optimising and automating a lead and voucher sales tracking campaign that generated 59,611 new leads and $12 million in new online sales in less than 3 years.

Talk about making things happen! 

In 2019, Gemma was awarded our prestigious and eponymous Gemmy Award for her outstanding contributions to UEC. The Gemmy Award celebrates individuals who embody our seven key characteristics (read more here).

Her revolutionary ideas have led to quantum leaps in automating and systemising our processes, creating robust job management and campaign tracking systems, and promoting a flextime corporate culture at the forefront of operations well ahead of the Covid-19 crisis.

Before joining us, Gemma had an impressive stint with sportswear giants Under Armour and Nike, where she led successful campaigns across Australia and New Zealand. 

Her journey from visual graphic design to quantitative analysis is inspiring. Her focus on bottom-line results triggered her fascination with numbers, metrics and ratios, leading her to become a trailblazer in the field. 

And there was only one direction from there – onward and upward!

Gemma’s commitment to learning and growing is another testament to her dedication. She has completed a staggering number of courses, attended UEC workshops and presented many of our internal Lunch and Learn sessions. Her thirst for knowledge and ability to apply it practically has been a driving force behind our strategic shifts and tactical advancements.

But it’s not just about professional accomplishments. 

Gemma is a team player through and through. Her positive energy and can-do attitude have made her a beloved figure in the UEC family. She is known for her willingness to lend a hand, offer guidance and cheer on her teammates. This combination of leadership, technical prowess and interpersonal skills will make Gemma an exceptional Chief Results Officer.

As Gemma steps into her new role, we recognise how far she’s come and how much further she’s poised to take us. We’re ready to buckle up and enjoy the journey with Gemma at the helm, and have no doubt she’ll keep steering UEC to greater heights. 

With her knack for fresh ideas, rock-solid determination and technical expertise, we’re all set for an exciting ride ahead. 

Congratulations, Gemma!

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