Hacking The Productivity Paradox For Media & Marketing Professionals – Part 3 of 4

19 Hacks to make Microsoft Word easier to use!

As a media or marketing professional, do you ever stare at your screen and think, there has to be an easier way?

I definitely have.

have you spent way too much time Googling a solution?

For something that should be easy…

Surely, there has to be a shortcut, a better way…

Here are 19 useful hacks to make Microsoft Word much easier and faster to use…

Description Shortcut
Undo An Action CTRL + Z
Redo An Action CTRL + Y
Bold Text CTRL + B
Underline Text CTRL + U
Italicise Text CTRL + I
Centre Align Highlighted Items Or Text CTRL + Shift + E
Left Align Highlighted Items Or Text CTRL + Shift + L
Right Align Highlighted Items Or Text CTRL + Shift + R
Paste Without Formatting CTRL + Shift + V
Close Word Program ALT + F4
Show Hidden Characters CTRL + Shift + 8
Create A New Word Document CTRL + N
Open Your Word Document CTRL + O
Save Your Document CTRL + S
Save As Your Document F12
Select All Items And Text In Your Document CTRL + A
Create A Search Bar In Your Document CTRL + F
Move Up A Paragraph CTRL + Up Arrow
Move Down A Paragraph CTRL + Down Arrow

This table will save you time searching and wondering “What was that shortcut again?”

You’re welcome!

And be sure to come back for the last instalment in this 4-part series!

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