Native Advertising

Takeaways from Plista's Native Advertising Event

The Ultimate Edge team recently attended an event hosted by Plista centred around native advertising.The experience was an interesting one, as native advertising is something that we use regularly in our ad campaigns.

Native advertising is simply advertising that sits within the rules and standards of the publication in which it appears. It’s strong because it’s relevant to the publication’s audience while providing value to the publication itself – a win for everyone. Native advertising is also easier to “disguise”, getting a brand or product message across without overtly suggesting that the message is an advertisement.

As Aleisha outlined in the video provided, Plista is something we’ve used in the past, but would like to use more from a performance perspective. The platform defines itself as a “one-stop solution for native advertising and content distribution”, providing a wide variety of ad solutions to create user engagement and increase brand awareness.

The event hosted a stalwart suite of guest speakers, including Adam Mather (Fairfax), Squeegee Scott (King Content), Mike Deane (Mediacom), Sarah Homewood (AdNews) and Nadim Sharbean (Danone Nutricia). There was a large focus on the shifting landscape of native advertising and how brands can continue to target and engage users in future.

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