A 51% and 62% increase in in-store clinic visits for AUS and NZ clinics respectively with $776k in Shopify sales.

The Background

In 2021 many of CSC’s clinics remained closed due to Covid which caused their 22nd Birthday Sale to be cancelled. They wanted to increase Awareness around their Birthday celebration for their 23rd birthday and reignite the excitement around this brand event for new and existing customers.

Clear Skincare Clinics Tasked Ultimate Edge With

  • Generating brand awareness around Birthday Campaign
  • Driving foot traffic for 90+ clinics across Australia and New Zealand with the aim of securing purchases and treatment bookings in-clinic.
  • Increasing online purchases of in-clinic treatments and products.

⚒ The Challenge ⚒

To build brand connection with impact. To build strong connections with every existing local customer and begin new customer relationships using non-generic, fresh marketing assets. With nation-wide clinics in Australia and New Zealand, UEC needed to create custom assets featuring retail-specific engagement and dynamic elements to ensure relevancy amongst CSC’s target audience within proximity to their local clinics.

Our Solution

We prepared a comprehensive creative, media and data strategy to achieve campaign goals.

Tailored, dynamic and high impact creative

In-house graphic design and artistry was utilised to produce colourful, on brand and head-turning digital assets including animation, static imagery and carousels ads.

Leveraged customised Mobile Rich Media solutions

Maximining media partner opportunities including bonus ad placements to accurately target the right audience at the right time. The dynamic retail campaign recorded 2,881,929 impressions, outperforming publisher benchmark by 3%.

Accurately targeted segmented audiences through agnostic location technologies

Using a strong data targeting strategy we delivered awareness and consideration ads to those with a high propensity to CSC and/or interest in health and beauty special offers. At the conversion stage we implemented geo-specific segmentation of selected audience/interest/behaviours within 5KM of the clinics. This achieved over 800 treatment bookings and almost 300 product range purchases during the period.

Exceeding client goals with increased brand connection, nation-wide bookings and sales was a fantastic result (and 23rd Birthday Present) for our client.

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