The most common mistake that destroys trust and kills sales instantly

You’re walking up the street and see a sign – “50% off everything at StellarClothes”.

Then a few minutes later, another one – “30% off everything at StellarClothes!”.

Weird, maybe it’s a typo.

You continue your walk and come across the store itself…

Out the front is an A Frame that says “70% off everything” and in the strorefront window, a sign declares “15% off everything!

You think “If they can’t even get their sales messaging right, their product can’t be very good!” and you keep walking right past even though you’d otherwise definitely consider their products ‘on sale’.

Consistency in your communications and price integrity are crucial to establishing trust with your prospects and customers.

Are your business communications consistent and trustworthy or shoddy and muddled?

Our creative audit will make sure your marketing is consistent and a genuine representation of who you are to build trust and loyalty within your marketplace.

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