What a fast food drive through reveals about your website landing page

Imagine being so hungry at the end of the day, you can’t even wait to get home to eat.

You run through a few options in your head – Chinese? Indian? Pizza?

You just want, no NEED to get there, NOW!

It’s THAT kind of hunger.

You give in to your urges and go straight to your favourite fast-food drive-through…

When you get to the speaker box and look at the menu, it’s laid out EXACTLY how you expect it to be, need it to be. Logical, quick and easy to place your super-sized order with a drink and dessert!

A landing page on your website is the same as that menu board. It’s where a prospects “land” when they click through an ad or a search result.

You need to provide them the MENU of what you have to offer, clearly, succinctly like at the drive-through – otherwise they’ll get annoyed, leave the page and take their business elsewhere.

Our landing page audit is scientifically designed to turn website browsers in buyers and ensure they can select all the options you have available, even supersize their orders!

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