What a losing footy team can teach you about your business

You’re sitting at home, watching the footy on TV.

It’s two teams you’re not really interested in, but you’re happy to just relax and enjoy the game.

Half time comes and one team is destroying the other – but, you’re not sure why.

You’ve have been paying attention… the losing team appears to be trying… they’re just getting whooped at every turn.

The second half starts, and you decide to figure out why the trailing team is losing so badly.

It doesn’t take long before you realise the losing team doesn’t have a plan.

They’ve got the skills and clearly know how to play …

…but without a plan, there’s no cohesion.

The players are each scrambling individually, not as a team.

The game ends with the losing team obliterated, never having a chance to win.

Business is a game, our marketing audits are “the plans”. Each audit assesses the strengths and weaknesses of a part of your business to ensure they all work in unison to be decisive and effective.

Without well-thought out plans – your business risks flailing about on the field, losing to equal or even less-capable competitors that just have a better plan in place.

The game isn’t over yet, let’s get back on the field and shift the momentum in your favour!

Book an audit today and let’s start winning together!

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