Our Founder and CEO Aleisha McCall, Walks Through Proven Strategies To Unlock $100,000 Of Sales At Last Night’s MasterClass Live Event

Well that was an absolutely blast, said Aleisha McCall, our Founder and CEO, who led a rare, in-person event, hosted at the Business Chicks Sydney CBD HQ.

A massive thank you to everyone who joined us last night as Aleisha walked through the proven steps to ‘Unlock $100,000 in sales in the next 30 days’.

The attendees walked away with proven strategies to implement in their business and found it highly valuable, and a ton of fun as promised.

It’s a pretty bold statement, but it was a fantastic opportunity to actually present proven sales growth strategies for those suffering from mixed marketing results and still balancing the art and science of modern marketing.

The audience acknowledged that in our fast-paced world with all these tools at our fingertips, communications are meant to be getting easier, not more complicated! 

The roomful of attendees were highly engaged as they heard first-hand the actual methods of unlocking sales growth for their brands.

Image by: Melody Heart Photography. 

Everyone went away with real case studies using proven fundamentals with the latest technology to implement into their marketing strategies that out-perform their competitors.

There were plenty of great questions and comments to share, making the night intimate and thought-provoking.

And even though the audience was from different industries and career stages, many of the issues are commonly faced, with the proven methods Aleisha presented resonating for everyone.

Overall, it was a fantastic experience of dynamic women all coming together to grow their businesses!

A special thanks to Business Chicks for inviting Aleisha to present – watch this space as we organise more MasterClass Live events in the future. 

If you missed the event or you’re a marketing leader that is not quite nailing the perfect campaign with a hit-or-miss approach from your current provider, please get in touch to discover the secret methods we use to deliver consistent results time and time again. 

Book here → https://www.ultimateedgecommunications.com.au/uec-masterclass/

Image by: Melody Heart Photography. 

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