New Conversion Architecture For ‘Contact Us Page’ Boosts Database By 40%… While Generating 60% More Bookings for Sydney Sports Club

The Background

Established in the 1970s, Elanora Squash and Fitness Centre is a complex facility with a rich history in the Sydney sports community. Much more than a place to play squash, they offer customers the opportunity to get fit, make friends, and dine with family, all in one convenient location.

The Challenge

Elanora Squash and Fitness Centre’s contact us page was outdated, difficult to navigate, and lacked a clear conversion goal. 

• Clients weren’t sure when, or why, they should use the contact form, so they opted to avoid it. 

• We knew if the page’s messaging hierarchy was adjusted to reflect the purpose of the contact us page, they could boost their conversion rate, land more leads, and increase customer engagement.


Our Solution

We updated Elanora’s contact us page with a focus on a bright and modern “hero shot” that accurately represented the facility – Elanora is an ideal location for sports and exercise. 

…While tapping into one of their target persona’s key needs – “You’re not playing alone, you’re playing in a community” (patrons are looking for a place to socialise and spend quality time with friends and family). 

We also made the “Get in Touch” form the primary visual element of the page. Previously, it was buried in the middle of the page under several other non-conversion focused elements. 

We explained to customers why they should get in touch with a simple subheader that directed them to the desired action. 

We further streamlined the customer experience with a drop-down menu of the most popular reasons people reach out – so they just needed to click from the curated list. 

Strategically, we added the most frequently requested business contact details below the fold, including the facility’s location, opening hours, and public transport details. 


Modernising Elanora’s contact us page’s design by adjusting the messaging hierarchy and streamlining and simplifying the client data input ‘experience’, produced …

+ 60% increase in bookings

+ 40%  more leads

+ 20% increase of traffic to the page 


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