Free marketing campaigns?

Your business exists on the World Wide Web, and you probably alreasy have a sizeable following. Now it’s time to launch your new idea, product or promotion. But when you hear ‘marketing campaign’ you cringe, thinking ‘money, money, money.’ You think back to a previous failed campaign and fearfully cast aside your next big idea.

Let’s face it, spending any capital you have in your budget is risky and marketing is not fool-proof. Even with the most well-structured digital marketing strategy, investing a large part of your budget can leave you sweating as the weeks and months tick by with little to show for your investment.

Enter a new way of achieving measurable, dependable and profitable results, with a campaign that pays for itself!

Self-funded marketing campaignsas designed by pioneering communication specialists Ultimate Edge Communications. Adopting an analytical approach similar to the framework of Olympic athletes to track their performance (called) Deliberate Practice Principles (DPP).

Fancy a fully transparent data feedback loop with integrated metrics to give your next sales campaign the edge? Imagine raw data that tells you more about your lead generation process, customer psychology and buyer behaviour than you ever imagined!

This is a state-of-the-art exponential marketing previously only for the big end of town, now accessible to businesses just like yours.

All you need to do to reap the benefits of a successful self-funded marketing campaign, is work together with seasoned pros to design a personalised self-funded marketing strategy for you.

The best self-funded marketing stories have not only paid back their investment in a matter of days, weeks or months, but many have created millions of dollars or profits. All thanks to the raw data feedback loop essential to provide insights for live, real-time adjustments to be made.

The CIO Advisor Magazine published a case study to show how this new digital marketing feedback loop is proving to be a winning (and profitable)strategy.

Audit your marketing and get to know more about your customers (personas), to identify exactly where your marketing dollars are spent and get excited about creating marketing campaigns that will pay you rather than cost you. Talk to UEC about your next big online sales advertising idea.

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