How weekly chats around the BBQ saved you countless hours

In the good old days, we would trust and rely on our neighbour’s recommendations…

That was B.G. (Before Google) when we’d all get together around the BBQ to share our blunders and great ‘finds’… We’d all enjoy the colourful stories and lessons learned… 

We had done the hard yards to figure out who was legit and who wasn’t. We each asked around, verified stories and shared our findings to save each other the hassles, missteps and warn each other of the businesses/people to be avoided.

It all worked quite well – until the Internet came around and we no longer relied on just the local corner shop or friend of a friend… The world opened up to limitless options and now the challenge is how to make sense of the overwhelm of information and countless variables on offer.

Today, online influencers and opinion-makers within the social media landscape have to be included in your business’ promotional activities. A social media audit will not just identify what platforms to focus on, but how to do it properly and profitably.

Many small businesses realise the costs of social media can far surpass the economic benefits. Which is why a social media audit is a must to stop wasting time, money and effort on the wrong audiences.

Contact us today to realign your social media activities to achieve a profitable ROI instead of the bottomless pit of spending that never quite seems to produce real leads.

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