Today’s Yellow Pages kill 80% of small businesses

Do you remember back in the “old days” when if you had a leaky pipe, you’d have to pull out the Yellow Pages to find a plumber to come and fix it?

I certainly do, and it used to be intimidating looking at the sheer amount of plumbers to choose from… and no time to really assess who’s who because this is an emergency… So what did we do?

Pick the FIRST ONE that we thought could do the job (probably with the biggest ad) and picked up the phone.

Back then, businesses knew the importance of paying for the bigger ads.

Today’s Yellow Pages is Google Search and the big ad is “Page One”.

But WHICH “Page One”?

Most small businesses (estimated to be 80+%) don’t know there are more than one “Page One” … which means they’re NOT coming up on the right one when THEIR prospects are searching for their products or services!

You’ve got to ensure your website is optimised for search engines, so you appear on the first page – for the prospects who want to buy what you have to sell.  If you don’t, your competitors will get those leads and turn them into their customers. 

Get your website audit done ASAP to stop giving your competitors, your customers!

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