“Carousel” Revamp Generates 20% More Traffic, 40% More Contacts, and 60% More Bookings Via A Sport Facility’s Homepage

The Background

Elanora Squash and Fitness Centre is a state-of-the-art sports facility, gymnasium, and community hub including a balcony bar and restaurant currently serving 1,000+ active squash players.  

The Challenge 

Elanora’s homepage wasn’t a conversion tool. It was simply a website with an outdated, squash-specific image, and no clear path for their prospects and members to take. 

We knew by updating their homepage images, and utilising a clever design feature, we could represent all four, distinct parts of their business while driving more bookings, leads and customer engagements. 

Their homepage would start working for them… generating enquiries on autopilot. 

Our Solution

We ditched the old, single static image and replaced it with a dynamic, rotating “carousel” of multiple images. 

A carousel is a design element that cycles through multiple ‘slides”. Each slide in the carousel represents a sub brand of the business

And included… 

  • A modern image suitable for widescreen, high-res devices… 
  • A benefit-driven headline that speaks to the target audience’s desires (e.g. Achieve your fitness goals)… 
  • And a call to action, with a button to direct them to a dedicated landing page… 

By being more specific, and more tactical, we gave homepage visitors a clear path to follow, no matter their interest. 

We also clarified that Elanora is much more than just a squash facility. It’s a gym where you can reach your fitness goals. A place to have fun with friends. And a place to take your kids during school holidays. 


With a homepage that reflected all four distinct aspects of Elanora Squash & Fitness Centre, the results were impressive:  

+ 20% More Website Traffic 

More people found and used the website as it was intended; to make their customer journey more enjoyable and easier to navigate. 

+ 40% More Contacts

User engagement skyrocketed, with a 40% increase in their overall database… 

+ 60% More Bookings

The most significant impact was felt in bookings. The tactical use of the carousel with a clear call to action translated to a remarkable 60% increase in online bookings across the facility. 


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