Brand Visibility Shortcut: Social Media Overhaul Drives 20% Boost Across 3,200+ Followers

The Background

Elanora Squash and Fitness Centre is a complex sports facility, made up of Elanora Fitness, Elanora Sports Shop, Elanora Squash and the Racquet club. With over 1,000 active players and a rich history stretching back to the 1970s, it’s a mainstay in the Sydney sporting community.  

Their social media footprint includes four established Facebook pages with a strong following. 

The Challenge 

Elanora took a great first step establishing unique Facebook pages to represent the four parts of their facility. 

But their graphics and imagery were outdated, and in some cases, had wrong dimensions, displaying low resolution images with awkward design that sometimes cut off text. 

Ultimate Edge suspected Elanora’s social media efforts were getting lost amongst more concise and compelling visual images from their competitors. 

Our Solution

We strategically optimised all social media assets by… 

  • Replacing their cover photos with modern images that represent all the exciting services Elanora offers…  
  • Updating text with simple, active copy to drive interest and leads… 
  • Resizing graphics and profile images so customers could identify all sub brands easily in their feeds… 
  • Replacing complex, confusing graphics with focused design that followers could instantly understand… 


With a few simple tweaks, we modernised and simplified Elanora’s online presence, increased their brand’s visibility – including all sub brands, and made it simpler for followers to find and engage with their media. 

Within a short timeframe, Elanora Squash & Fitness Centre saw a 20% increase in social media engagement across their 3,200+ followers.


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