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Ultimate Edge Communications Invests $30,000 Per Employee To Keep And Attract The Best Talent

Sydney, September 19, 2019: Sydney-based media marketing consultancy Ultimate Edge Communications (UEC) has announced it is investing $30,000 per employee as part of its “$50,000 Ultimate Employee Value Proposition” to attract and retain the best talent the industry has to offer.

UEC researched thought leaders across a wide range of industries, including Simon Sinek, renowned for his understanding of the current employment climate and corporate culture shifts needed to make the most of this generation’s strengths, skills and abilities. “The desire to learn was at the top of their most valued traits in an employer,” explains UEC founder and CEO, Aleisha McCall.

The Ultimate Professional Protégé Program is a curriculum custom-designed to provide the team with the skills and attributes to excel as a self-organising team via the 4 dimensions of mastery: Personal, Professional, Business and Internet Mastery. The themes and topics to be covered include: Personal Productivity Principles, Crystal Clear Communication, Momentum Management, Persuasive Presentation Principles, a 1-Day Mini MBA, Internet Sales Lead Generation, Data Visualisation & Analytics, Speed Reading and Accelerated Learning.

The program content is delivered internally and in collaboration with a handful of well-established and reputable institutions including: General assembly – for creative design and marketing education, Sydney University – for continuing education courses in analytics, data visualisation and other technological aspects and WEA – for personal development courses that are on fringe of the traditional academic system.

In addition, each team member is allocated a budget of $1,000 to purchase any book or training aid to further his/her career in a way that is congruent with the company’s strategic initiatives. The corporate library already totals more than 80 titles ranging from personal empowerment, meditation, and leadership to technical subjects such as Agile, Scrum, Lean Kanban project management, digital marketing, data visualisation, advanced analytics and optimisation.

This announcement is part of a series of strategic initiatives designed to bring UEC’s unique selling proposition to the marketplace:

We’re relentless trailblazers on the leading edge, delivering fully integrated data-driven media, creative design and marketing automation & intelligence by intimately collaborating with high growth brands seeking long-lasting market-beating results from an infectiously passionate team.

Since its inception in 2014, UEC has provided ultimate results to a wide range of Australian and international brands, including Virgin Active, Paspaley, Under Armour, Mortgage House, Red Balloon, Jeans for Genes and more.

“One of the many reasons I recently joined UEC was because of the Professional Protégé Program” reveals Digital Media Specialist, Wisdom Bango. “The content included in the program is incredible and the format conveniently fits into the week with most workshops scheduled on Fridays. I also like that the examples used are taken from recent campaigns which makes the theoretical discussions much more practical and applicable to our day-to-day deliverables.”

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